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Musical ruckus in 24 incredible moments


A comic audio drama written by Maija-Leena Remes and composed by Charlie Morrow for two sopranos, Foley artist, bell ringer, violin, viola, French horn, tuba, piano and a guitar in an Eastern Finnish soundscape.


The work focuses on memories during the day and the night after Midsummer. From morning to morning. The story is carried by the sopranos, musicians and recordings of the Eastern Finnish summer that rhythm the day, the images and landscapes they paint. Rhythmic ticks tone all 24 hours at varying tempos. The comical bell ringer surprises everyone every time the hour strikes.


Alma and Berta, female relatives of different ages, gossip and sometimes talk almost to the point - or at least try to. The women have spent their summer moments in the same place they came to visit. The sounds and images of the past return to the narratives and mix with the present. They are taken care of by a Foley artist. Coffee, making it, brewing it, talking about it, serving it and enjoying it colors the whole day with its calm touch.

Alma - Anu Hostikka, vocals
Berta - Reetta Ristimäki, vocals
Jan Noponen, Foley artist, percussion
Vesa Vierikko, bell ringer
Reeta Maalismaa, violin
Martta Wahlberg, viola
Ville Hiilivirta, French horn
Ari-Pekka Kuj
ala, tuba
Otso Pakarinen, guitar and soundscapes
MorrowSound 3D, sound

Libretto: Maija-Leena Remes
Composed by Charlie Morrow
Production: Greta Production and MorrowSound
Photo: Jussi Aalto




1 h 15 min, including an interval

Age recommendation:

for all ages

Performance language:



Finnish, English

Tickets: 34,10basic ticket  • €29,60 pensioner • €25,60 student, conscript, unemployed

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