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Keinulauta! - children's opera

"Swinging won't work if there's no one sitting at the other end of the seesaw."


The fifth children's opera composed by Anna Nora is based on Timo Parvela's lovely Keinulauta book. Pii is looking for a friend for the other end of the seesaw. When no one is seen, they go and ask the moon for a rocking companion. But the moon is already swinging with the sun in the sky. Busy Honkkeli doesn't have time to swing with Pii due to his cleanliness, and calm Kalakki prefers to admire the flight of birds. Even in the fast-paced Unni choir, Pii can't find a playmate. Finally, Pii runs into a guy who is behaving stupidly. The nagging eventually turns into curiosity and that's where Pii and Argon's bumpy road to friendship begins. You never know what the next adventure will bring and where you'll find a friend on the other end of the seesaw!

Composition: Anna Nora
Libretto: based on Timo Parvela's book
Directed by: Juulia Tapola
Visualization: Pia Lasonen
Lighting design: Helena Roivainen
Choreography: Jenni Karjalainen
Pii: Anna Ginström
Moon, Honkkeli, Kalakki, Argon: Jouni Bäckström
Little dream: Helmi Hyvärinen/ Vilma Hyvärinen
Children's choir: Elli, Helmi, Lahja, Mitjo, Ohto, Sandra, Seela, Taimi, Vilja, Vilma
Production: KLAPS klassista lapsille ry





approx. 45 min, no intermission

Age recommendation:


Performance language:



no subtitles

Tickets: 26,10€ basic ticket  • 13,10€ child • 64,40€ family ticket (2 children and 2 adults)

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