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S.Lindgren: In transit

In transit is about people in motion. About what it's like to always be a stranger, what it's like to feel like you belong everywhere. Above all, it is a story about lust and the courage to surrender to being led by desire. The opera based on Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo's novel is a Nordic co-production. Collaborating with Avanti! orchestra.

Libretto: Christin Högnabba
Playwright: Gunilla Hemming
Setter: Stefan Lindgren
Director: Märit Bergvall
Set designer/costume design: Maria Antman
Conductor: Jonas Rannila
Producers: Ville Salonen, Opera BOX & Christin Högnabba, KammarOperaKompaniet

Johan Wållberg, Baritone (Sem)
Monica Groop, alto (Vera)
Alexandra Büchel, soprano (Galadriel)
Niklas Spångberg, bass (Mr. A. Bergman)
Teppo Lampela, counter tenor (Den Blonde)
Ville Salonen, tenor (George Gordon Junior)
Christin Högnabba, soprano (Hustrun/Sinikka/Väninnan)
Orchestra: Avanti!




2 h 30 min, including intermission


Age recommendation:

7 +

Performance language:




Tickets: 58,10€ basic ticket  • 55,10€ pensioner • 38,10€ student, conscript, unemployed

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