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Greta Productions presents:

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Alexander Theatre,


Greta Productions and the Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all festival participants.

In light of recent news in the opera and music fields, we want to take a stand by highlighting our efforts to set an example for professional, respectful practices in the independent sector, where structures are often fragile.

We have established clear Safer Space Guidelines, to which all performers and teams have committed. This means that at our festival, we actively strive to respect and value the rights and well-being of everyone present.

The principles of safer spaces include a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination, as well as guidelines for respecting and ensuring equality for all individuals. Greta Productions, the festival organizer, has appointed a harassment liaison who can be contacted easily if any inappropriate behavior occurs.

With these principles, we aim to create a better-functioning independent sector and a festival where everyone can feel welcome and safe.

Thank you to all performers and team members for your commitment. Together, we can make our festival an unforgettable and positive experience for everyone!


This year, Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival showcases more than 10 professional groups, along with free programme. The programme highlights themes of experimentation and multidisciplinarity.


It's great that there is so much happening in Finland outside the opera house. This festival brings different musical theatre and opera cultures close to the audience and lowers the threshold to come and watch performances.  
I don't always understand opera, but when something resonates, it truly resonates, and that's what matters most to me.

Atte Kilpinen

Honorary Patron

Performance schedule

Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival

Organized and produced by Greta Productions, the Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival is an unforgettable cultural dive into new music theater and opera each summer. The festival is set to be held for the fourth time at the Alexander Theatre from August 15 to September 1, 2024. It is a unique event in Finland, showcasing works and creators of this art form.

The very first Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival was held in 2021 at the Alexander Theatre. To this day, it remains one of Finland's largest festivals showcasing the works and creators in the field.


A Festival in the
Heart of Helsinki

The Helsinki Contemporary Opera festival aims to preserve and promote domestic chamber opera and music theater by offering freelancers and professional groups in the field the opportunity to perform their works in Finland's historic opera house. Each group is responsible for producing their own performance. 


At the same time, the festival introduces the audience to the most interesting and relevant performances from the independent scene, refreshing the role of opera culture in our society.


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Reetta Ristimäki

Reetta Ristimäki

Artistic Director

+358 50 380 3050

Nea Huovinen

Nea Huovinen


+358 50 590 1201

Ida Hansen

Ida Hansen

Digital content creator

+358 50 440 1293

Rami Meling

Rami Meling

Sales and marketing

+358 40 838 4380

Pasi Lyytikäinen, composer

"In my opinion, the Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival has, without exaggeration, become the most significant Finnish opera festival. This is due to the high level of performances, daring program, and versatility it offers. The festival combines the expertise of several high-caliber opera groups, diverse and bold programs, and an increasingly international approach. If you want to experience touching and delightful opera performances, it's worth heading to the Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival."
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